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F1 2023 Car Launch Date: What We Know So Far



The off-season is just around the corner for concluding and we have some exciting news for our readers. F1 2023 car launch date for most of the cars have already been announced baring a few.

The excitement for F1 2023 season is at peak as it is expected that Mercedes will make a come back after a disappointing run for the team and its star driver Lewis Hamilton in 2022.

Though Mercedes Team Principle Toto Wolff is already representing a laidback attitude.

According to the renowned F1 portal WTF1, some of the car companies have announced their dates so far, although Redbull Racing & Mercedes are yet to set a date of release. We will keep updating the list as we learn.

F1 2023 Car Launch Date

  • Alpha Tauri – February 11
  • Aston Martin – February 13
  • McLaren – February 13
  • Ferrari – February 14
  • Alpine – February 16
  • Mercedes –
  • Red Bull Racing –
  • Alfa Romeo –
  • Haas –
  • Williams –

The new season is set to begin early in early March with the test sessions kicking off at Bahrain. The 3-day pass is now available for purchase at the F1 Official Ticketer.

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