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Toto Wolff anticipates difficult season ahead for Mercedes in 2023

Mercedes’ form in 2023 is going to be under a lot of attention given their abysmal performance this year.



Toto Wolff

Twenty twenty two proved to be the worst season for Sir Lewis Hamilton and a relatively bad season for Mercedes in their Formula 1 sprint. The team which created history by winning most consecutive events in recent times, secured one Podium in the whole season.

While there were reasons to celebrate Russel’s sterling weekend in Brazil, it couldn’t completely supersede the race standings at the end of the season. As it may be difficult for the drivers to craft on a clean slate, it is equally tough for the team principle Toto Wolff, he acknowledges it.

“It’s going to be very difficult to have a development slope that is steeper than theirs [Redbull Racing], and also Ferrari.”

Toto wolff, team principle, mercedes amg petronas

In a recent podcast with Beyond The Grid, Wolff expresses that he always likes to calculate risks and is rational in acknowledging them.

As he continues to speak highly of the “no-blame culture” in Mercedes AMG F1 Petronas team, Wolff affirms that creating downforce on the car and actually making it work are two different things. Though he still agrees that the collaborative culture of the team will most certainly be the binding force in advancement of technology and mechanism of the car.

While the pre-test season is less than two years away, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team will test their machines at the Bahrain 2023 Grand Prix on March 5, 2023 – scheduled as season opener.

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