Hamilton Makes History with Record-Breaking 9th British GP Victory

Lewis Hamilton made Formula 1 history by securing his ninth victory at Silverstone, winning an all-time classic British Grand Prix. This record-breaking achievement saw Hamilton claim the top spot, further solidifying his legacy in the sport.

During the race, Hamilton managed to move out of DRS (Drag Reduction System) range from his closest competitor, Max Verstappen, which allowed him to maintain a comfortable lead. As the race progressed, Hamilton was right on Verstappen’s tail, vying for the lead. Ultimately, the top three finishers were Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, and Max Verstappen.

The final race times were as follows:

  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): 1:22:27.059 over 52 laps
  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing): +1.465 seconds behind
  • Lando Norris (McLaren): +7.547 seconds behind

Other notable finishers included:

  • Oscar Piastri (McLaren): +12.429 seconds behind
  • Carlos Sainz (Ferrari): +47.318 seconds behind
  • Nico Hulkenberg (Haas F1 Team): +55.722 seconds behind
  • Lance Stroll (Aston Martin): +56.569 seconds behind
  • Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin): +63.577 seconds behind
  • Alexander Albon (Williams): +68.387 seconds behind
  • Yuki Tsunoda (Red Bull Racing): +79.303 seconds behind
  • Logan Sargeant (Williams): +88.960 seconds behind
  • Kevin Magnussen (Haas F1 Team): +90.153 seconds behind
  • Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing): 1 lap behind
  • Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): 1 lap behind
  • Valtteri Bottas (Kick Sauber): 1 lap behind
  • Esteban Ocon (Alpine): 2 laps behind
  • Sergio Perez (Red Bull Racing): 2 laps behind
  • Guanyu Zhou (Kick Sauber): 2 laps behind

Unfortunately, George Russell (Mercedes) and Pierre Gasly (Alpine) did not finish the race.

Hamilton’s victory at Silverstone not only marks a significant milestone in his career but also adds another thrilling chapter to the history of the British Grand Prix.