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Details About Ferrari’s and Redbulls F1 2023 Cars Surface Online




Red Bull enters the season determined to defend both its championships that it won to win in style in 2022.

The Milton Keynes-based group has yet to announce the date it will unveil its car for 2023, which is expected to be dubbed the RB19.

Then, Italian outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport declares that it expects the vehicle to weigh 3kg lighter than the previous model.

The weight issue was present at the beginning of the 2022 season for a range of teams, including Red Bull, amid the introduction of new technical rules.

However, the report states, “The gearbox, as a result of an alternative placement of suspension elements, will show less narrowing and increase the length of the channels in Venturi.

It also states: “The layout of the sides will maintain strong points of contact with the 2022 car, but will be characterised by a refinement of the ‘double bottom’.”

However, Ferrari is hoping to put together an improved 2023 season after its hopes of winning the title in the previous year’s first half of the season were swept away.

The team has experienced one managerial change and Frederic Vasseur taking over at the helm following the departure from Mattia Binotto.

La Gazzetta dello Sport says that Ferrari’s next car, which doesn’t yet have any designation, would be a bit narrower because of the “aerodynamic concept that will be largely different”.

The company claims the car is an evolution instead of a revolutionary change to the F1-75.

Furthermore, it’s thought that the car will have a brand new engine that can “be more capable of increasing the competitiveness of the car” and an additional 30 horsepower that can be derived via a Power Unit. Power Unit.

Ferrari will debut its new car on 14 February.

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