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F1 Points System Explained: How Drivers Score in 2024 (Full Breakdown)



The Formula 1 points system has evolved over the years, becoming more inclusive and competitive. In the 2024 season, the system rewards the top 10 finishers of each race, along with additional points for sprint race winners and those who set the fastest lap.

Points in Grand Prix

The distribution of points in a standard Grand Prix race is straightforward:

  • First Place: 25 points
  • Second Place: 18 points
  • Third Place: 15 points
  • Fourth to Tenth Place: Gradually decreasing points from 12 to 1.

Fastest Lap

An intriguing aspect of the points system is the fastest lap bonus. A driver who sets the fastest lap in a race earns an extra point, provided they finish within the top 10.

Sprint Races

Introduced as a way to add excitement and variation, sprint races offer additional points. The allocation for these shorter races is as follows:

  1. First Place: 8 points
  2. Eighth Place: 1 point

Points Allocation for Shortened Races

In cases where races are shortened due to unforeseen circumstances (like adverse weather), the points are adjusted accordingly. The allocation depends on the percentage of the race completed:

  • Under 25% Distance: Points awarded to top 5 finishers.
  • 25%-50% Distance: Points awarded to top 9.
  • 50%-75% Distance: Points awarded to top 10.

Scoring System Adaptability

This flexible system ensures fairness and rewards performance, even in less than ideal racing conditions.

Analyzing the Impact of the Points System

The F1 points system plays a crucial role in shaping race strategies and driver approaches. It encourages consistency and performance throughout the season. With a maximum of 672 points available in 2024, including 24 races and six sprints, the battle for the championship is intensely competitive.

Strategic Implications

Drivers and teams must balance the pursuit of race wins with consistent point-scoring finishes. This dynamic creates a layered and strategic competition, where every position and every race can significantly impact the championship standings.

Evolution of the Points System

The current points system in F1, though more generous than in earlier years, continues to evolve, adapting to the changing nature of the sport and its growing competitiveness.

The F1 points system is a cornerstone of the sport’s competitive structure, incentivizing performance, strategy, and consistency. As the 2024 season unfolds, this system will continue to influence the championship’s trajectory, keeping teams, drivers, and fans engaged in the quest for racing excellence.

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